Album 1

Works on this double page

  • Visible reflectance photograph Two capital studies, drawn in chalk, graphite and red chalk, the left one in a smaller scale as an elevation, the right one constructed in a perspective
  • Visible reflectance photograph Elevation of a part of the façade with ashlars of the Temple of Hercules in Cora, below handwritten entries headed Elevazione ortografica del Tempio d'Ercole
  • Visible reflectance photograph Chalk drawing of the corner piece of a frieze from the Farnese Gardens on the Palatine depicting a vines Eros and a Victory sacrificing a bull
  • Visible reflectance photograph Design of a Title page in brown ink and a chalk sketch of a capital depicting an eagle
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Album 1, Leaf 34

Marks left by the drawings on the leaf opposite clearly show that ink and chalk had different effects on the album’s paper. While the ink-drawn lines have left light traces, the chalk lines have transferred more strongly, leaving dark smears on the opposite leaf.


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